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Evil Kaikala to be crowned as the King of Vijayanagar on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

City Air News 2019-12-03 05:30:00

Things are all set to take a dramatic turn of events in Sony SAB’s periodic drama – Tenali Rama as Pandit Rama Krishna’s (Krishna Bharadwaj) biggest nemesis, Kaikala (Vishwajeet Pradhan) is all set to be crowned as the new King of Vijayanagar. Vijaynagar’s future and rule resides under the power of the corrupt and evil minister and the future episodes will tell what’s in store for the residents of the city as their beloved Pandit Rama Krishna fails to stop Kaikala’s Rajya-abhishek.
Before being crowned as the King of Vijayanagar, Kaikala threatens Rama that he will kill King Balakumara and then make sure he ends Rama’s life as well. Determined Kaikala, starts scheming to put Balakumara’s (Shakti Anand) life in danger but Rama saves his life by figuring Kaikala’s plan with his wit and intelligence.
Despite Rama’s effort to keep Balakumara safe, he gets terrified after an unknown man tries to feed him a poisoned betel leaf. Balakumara is afraid of the looming threat on his life and decides to step down as the King of Vijayanagar by declaring Kaikala as the new King.
Dark times are ahead of Vijayanagar. Now that Rama’s biggest enemy is the King of Vijayanagar, how will Rama save himself from his murderous intents?
What will Pandit Rama Krishna do next, save himself or Vijayanagar?
Krishna Bharadwaj, playing the role of Pandit Rama Krishna said, “A big challenge lies ahead of Pandit Rama as his biggest enemy is crowned as the King. The upcoming episodes will showcase Rama’s journey to keep himself and Balakumara safe from Kaikala’s threat and at the same time save Vijayanagar from their ultimate doom. It will be interesting for our viewers to watch the episodes further as they are full of thrilling and unexpected twists.”
Vishwajeet Pradhan, playing the role of Kaikala said, “Kaikala has successfully found a way to fulfil his desire of being the King of Vijayanagar. He is determined and this is not where he will stop. Kaikala has his own plans to make use of his stature as the King. The upcoming episodes will bring out a new and never seen before side of Kaikala. So, stay tuned to witness the unexpected.”