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Anantapur: Farmers demand farm machinery on subsidised price

Hans India 2019-12-04 01:32:46

Anantapur: Farmers in the district have been urging the state and central governments to extend subsidies on farm implements and modern agricultural equipment and machinery. The wages for agriculture labourers have been increased to Rs 400 for male workers and Rs 200 for females per day. The increase in the wages of agriculture labour by the government has added to the woes of the farmers as agriculture sector is already in distress.

Almost all mandals in Anantapur district received good rainfall and horticulture farmers have grown mango, sweet lime, guava, black plum, banana etc. But the farm workers are demanding payment of new wages and also food.

An educated farmer Vijay purchased an Earth Auger to dig holes to do plantation. He said agricultural had demanded Rs.20 for each hole. Instead of hiring labour, he purchased the devise for Rs. 9,000 and started planting trees on his own.

He could drill 300 holes in one day and plant trees. He is urging the government to supply farm implements on subsidised cost. Farmers Raja Reddy and Kulayappa are appealing to government to supply farm equipment and make farm operations cost effective.