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Harvey Weinstein awaits trial accused of rape

News Summed Up 2020-01-05 05:30:00

Weinstein’s trial is expected to share some similarities with the first big trial of the #MeToo era. As in that case, prosecutors are angling to make Weinstein’s trial a referendum on his behaviour with women over many decades, not just in the two instances that led to criminal charges. Annabella Sciorra has accused Weinstein of rape in the 1990s (PA)Prosecutors had charged Weinstein with assaulting a third woman but later dropped that charge after it was alleged that a police detective had coached a corroborating witness. The most serious charges against Weinstein, two counts of predatory sexual assault that carry a mandatory life sentence, require that prosecutors demonstrate Weinstein had a habit of violating women. Los Angeles prosecutors recently said they are reviewing eight cases accusing Weinstein of sexual assault.