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EXCLUSIVE: Street Dancer 3D star Varun Dhawan never says no to try anything REVEALS Stylist Nikita Jaisinghani

Pinkvilla 2020-01-14 17:57:24

Celebrity stylist, Nikita Jaisinghani spills the beans on the personal style of Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra and Karan Johar.

Men's fashion has been growing with almost every passing day. It has successfully managed to come to a place where it is being taken seriously and our male actors are open to experimenting as well. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Nikita Jaisinghani, the powerhouse behind Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra, Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar's phenomenal and dapper style has revealed it all. The talented stylist spoke in detail about their personal style, their likes and dislikes, the impact of Diet Sabya and how it is bringing in a change to the fashion world.


Men's fashion has taken center stage and like we mentioned earlier, Nikita styles some of the most dapper men in the industry. We asked her, firstly, how does she differentiate the style of one person from the other. And, second, how does she balance styling all of them together if they are attending the same event on that very day. Nikita starts off by saying, "Understanding the person is extremely important. I am thankfully in a place where I understand their likes and dislikes. Also, their body type is extremely different from one another. You see a piece and you know what will fit whom, what colour they'd like or how open are they to trying on newer things. So it is basically about studying the actors. 



Gone are the days when only women would get into the whole battle of being the best dressed. Now is the time when men are getting equally competitive and are willing to push the envelope further. We asked Nikita if the 'competitiveness' has seeped into men as well. She said, "See I am not trying to be politically correct but honestly between these boys, they always want to do something different than the other. For example, like, they'd just go like, 'You've given something like this to this one right? So don't give that to me I am not that person'". 




To see kindness and goodness in today's World is an extremely rare sight. However, Nikita says that it is extremely heartwarming to see the boys push one another and her to create magic together through their clothes. Jaisinghani, also revealed how they'd happily compliment her for dressing the other men well too, which ultimately boosts her to do even better. Quoting Nikita she says, "They aren't competitive as they are happy in their own space."




Finally, we couldn't let go off the celebrated stylist without asking her the major don'ts of our favourite B'Town men. Nikita was quick to answer, she said, "Karan Johar would never pick a grey. Grey is just not his colour." Then we asked her what would Street Dancer 3D actor, Varun Dhawan say a no to. "I’ve never heard Varun Dhawan say no to anything. The outfit needs to vibe with his mood on that particular day. If you catch him in that hour then you'll be good," she answered. Finally she spilled the beans about Arjun Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra, "Arjun and Sid will run away from anything that is blingy," she revealed. 


What do you think about the chat? Also, who do you think is the best dressed male actor in today's time? Comment below and let us know. 


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