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Driver cops $826 fine after being caught in McDonald’s drive-thru

The Advertiser 2020-02-11 17:40:00

What was meant to be a quick Macca’s run cost one P-plater a lot more than they expected when police noticed a big issue with their vehicle while they were in the drive-thru.

The 22-year-old driver was caught out by police when they attended a McDonald’s in the early hours of this morning at Tarneit, just outside of Melbourne.

The driver ended up having to cough up more than $800 on top of the price their Big Mac meal after officers discovered the vehicle wasn’t registered.

“A dark coloured Honda was checked by Police at 3am this morning in the Tarneit McDonalds drive thru – with no rear bumper bar,” a police spokesperson said.

“The car was found to be unregistered – attracting a $826 infringement notice.”

When asked by police why the car was unregistered, the driver simply said: “I just wanted a Big Mac”.

The incident was posted to the Wyndham Police Service Area Facebook page, with users quick to poke fun at the driver for their mistake.

“What a fool. Should have had it delivered. Haha. Seriously well done VicPol. Don’t need these types out driving,” one person said.’

“Someone got a side order of McFines,” another joked.

One added: “That’s one heck of an expensive Big Mac!”


Victoria has the harshest penalty for this offence, with NSW coming in second with a $686 fine for driving an unregistered vehicle.

In the ACT drivers will cop a $660 fine and those in South Australia will be fined $471.

This offence carries a fine of $300 in the Northern Territory, with similar penalties in Queensland and Western Australia.

Tasmania has the lowest fine for driving an unregistered vehicle at $210.

Originally published as Driver cops $826 fine after Macca’s run