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Kate Middleton and Prince WIlliam as guilty as Meghan and Harry when it comes to exorbitant spending?

IBTimes India 2020-02-12 04:00:36

It looks like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aren't the only ones who are racking up a huge bill to fund their lifestyle. Apparently, Kate Middleton and Prince William are just as guilty.

Reportedly, the huge sums the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, rack up soar into the hundreds of thousands, with host nations often footing the bill, new figures concerning their travel has found.

As news of Kate and William's imminent tour of Australia was announced, questions of how the pair, among other royals, fund their travels were asked. The cost of previous trips have been totalled, with some travels costing as much as over £100,000.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have always been perceived as the more steady and steadfast of the two Royal couples. They have tried to steer clear of controversy as best they could, certainly with more success than the couple Sussex. 

However, it looks like when it comes to spending both couples have an equal penchant for extravagance. Travel and Leisure report that during their official Foreign and Commonwealth Office visit to India and Bhutan in 2016, the pair racked up an estimated £100,028 of taxpayer's money.

According to GoBankingRates, the bill was largely due to their transportation methods which included return flights from London to Delhi, including charter flights to different locations. Chartered flights are extremely popular among the royals.

However, Kate Middleton and Prince William have appeared to make an effort to cut down on their travel costs. Now ith Meghan and Harry exiting Royal life and pursuing their own path, there will be more focus on the couple Cambridge and the spending habits. So they would dop well to really cut down on their spending.