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Young man seriously injured while doing bike stunt

News Track 2020-02-12 09:44:00

: This whole case happened during a stunt in the well of death planted for entertainment late Monday night at the Kisan Mela in Katghora. When a young man was badly injured while performing a stunt. This young man was doing a bike stunt on the wall of the well, then he fell down from the wall while doing the stunt. And this big incident happened. You all know that many types of stunt bowlers see stunts in the dirt when the young man was showing stunts, then he went down the wall. The same video of this incident has surfaced. In which cars and other bikes were also being run in the well.

In this whole incident, the young man fell badly from the well when he saw the stunt. At the same time, the young man was taken to the hospital after stopping the show in the middle of the day. Such cases keep coming up on the day when sending stunts are seen putting their lives at risk. In other such stunts, their safety is also taken into consideration. But still a big accident happened.

The name of the injured youth is being told as Rinku Sahu. The same young man hails from Jharkhand. Which has been associated with the stunted profession for the last 3-4 years. Due to the same sudden deterioration, he could not handle himself and fell down. Due to the same fall, the youth became unconscious and was also badly injured. That's when the manager of the fair took her to the Katghora Community Health Center. After first aid, Rinku Sahu was admitted to the hospital. The doctor said that Rinku's condition is stable.