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Ford Ranger: New FordPass app makes it the smartest ute on sale

The Advertiser 2020-02-12 13:54:00

Ford Ranger customers will be able to lock, unlock and find their car using a clever smartphone app set to feature in updated models this year.

Dubbed FordPass, the app allows users to remotely tap into their car’s computer to access health alerts, such as whether the car needs a service or has any issues which need attending to.

Drivers can start and stop their cars remotely, even cooling or warming the cabin to start journeys in comfort.

And it will soon be standard in every example of Ford’s Ranger ute.

It’s the sort of technology normally found in a new Tesla, Audi, BMW or Mercedes. Though the latest luxury cars go a little further, offering the ability to transmit a key to a friend’s phone which they can use to drive the car.

Ford Australia chief executive Kay Hart says the tech builds on other capabilities such as autonomous emergency braking – a feature rarely found in dual-cab utes.

The combination of a FordPass smartphone app and a modem inside the car will be rolled out to other models including the Everest SUV throughout the year.

“Innovation for our customers’ benefit is at the heart of everything we do,” Hart says.

“FordPass Connect will be rolled out across the Ford showroom in 2020, as we bring the technology to all vehicle types, across all models and all price points.

“We want every Australian to be able to benefit from this great connected technology.”

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Originally published as Ford’s Ranger is now the smartest ute