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World's most poisonous organism, which destroys humans in a moment

News Track 2020-02-12 05:18:00

There are one beautiful creature in the world, which also captivates people with its beauty. Looking at these creatures, it seems as if they came from another planet. Today we are going to tell you about some such creatures of the world which are very dangerous and poisonous. Its poison is so dangerous that it kill a person in a moment. You must have seen scorpions, but it is the most poisonous scorpion in the world. It is known as 'Indian Red Scorpion', as it is found in India basically. This scorpion found in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, the countries of South Asia, including India. If a person bites, then his death is sure in 72 hours.

A cone snail is a snail, but very dangerous. Its poison is so dangerous that it can paralyze anyone in a moment. Although there are more than 600 species of snails worldwide, but it is the most poisonous among it. The funnel web spider is originally found in Australia, so it is also known as the Australian funnel web spider. Its poison is more dangerous than cyanide. It is said that if someone bites this spider, it dies within 15 minutes to 3 days.

All of you will know about the octopus. It has more than 300 species worldwide, but among them 'blue ringed octopus' is the most dangerous and poisonous. It is said that its poison can kill a human being in just 30 seconds. Only one bite of this contains so much poison that about 25 humans die from it. It is found in the seas of the Indian Ocean and Australia. Jellyfish is dangerous, but box jellyfish is very poisonous. Till now all the poisonous animals and animals have been discovered in the world, it is the most poisonous among them. It is said that its poison can kill about 60 people at a time. If the poison of box jellyfish reaches the human body once, then its death within a minute is certain.