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Hannah Brown Shades Victoria F. on Instagram 2020-02-12 01:56:00
  • Bachelorette Hannah Brown low-key shaded Peter Weber's contestant Victoria F. during Monday's episode of The Bachelor.
  • Peter and Victoria's relationship is about to get even more dramatic so heads-up.

    Living legend Hannah Brown has taken to posting Instagram Stories of herself watching The Bachelor, and it's honestly almost as good as the actual show, 10/10 would recommend, etc. But on Monday night, eagle-eyed Bachelor fans noticed that Hannah seemingly shaded one of Peter's front-runners Victoria F.

    Peter and Victoria's relationship has been pretty bumpy thus far, but she got the rose on Monday night after a dramatic group date that involved a fair amount of crying. At one point, Victoria even semi-jokingly said "it's annoying to be around me"—which is where Hannah B comes in.

    While Hannah was filming herself watching the show for Instagram #content, Victoria could be heard in the background dropping that "it's annoying to be around me" line, at which point Hannah looked at the camera and shadily said " said itttttttt."

    Naturally, fans posted the moment to Twitter, so it'll live on forever:

    As a reminder, Peter and Hannah Brown have major history. They basically admitted their feelings for each other during the beginning of Peter's season, and some fans are still holding out hope that they'll get back together (which, doubtful). Meanwhile, Victoria and Peter are expected to have a pretty dramatic hometown date during Monday's upcoming episode, which seems to involve a ton of crying on everyone's part. Yikes!