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I will never do a Nude scene - Alia bhatt

AP Herald 2020-02-12 21:40:35
By KSK , 5 years ago, 4/9/2014 7:32:00 PM KSK I will never do a Nude scene - Alia bhatt

Alia bhatt is busy in talking about her 2 states movie and to gain more attention than ever Alia is not stepping back to talk some bold facts in interviews. Previously in her group interview she said that her dad is so possessive that he is not ready to accept her marriage and allow her to kiss her Boy friend.  Now in one more interview she talked about Nude scenes and here is what she said "I feel you have certain idea of how you want to be like, how you want to lead your career path. I don’t think any one person will have same ideologies. If its important for the script I will do it but if I feel it is unnecessary then I will express my opinion." "I would never go ahead and do a nude scene as it is something I am not comfortable doing. As a person I will not be able to go for it. I think it comes from the way you are brought up, your ideologies and how you want people to look at you."