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THESE are the signs which prove that you are Kim Kardashian of your family

Pinkvilla 2020-02-13 14:08:53

You can love her dislike her but cannot ignore her. If you are someone who thinks that you are just like here, then here are some signs which state that you are Kim Kardashian.

Love her or hate her, but you can't ignore her. Kim Kardashian is everywhere. Be it on TV, at conferences or on social media- she manages to create a buzz everywhere she goes with whatever she does. Some people despise her, while others worship her. People always criticise her and the other Kardashians for their reality show, but they can't stop watching it either. Over time, Kim has become an icon and has acquired a star quality. No matter what she does, people want to know about it and discuss it. She’s always fascinating, even when she is utterly boring. 


She's relatable at times, and if you relate to her and think that you are like her, then here are some signs which state that you are KIM Kardashian of your family. 


You know you're pretty even without makeup:


You have that natural glow and radiance on your face, and even if you don't wear makeup you look great. But then, there's something in you that makes you wear loads of it. You love how makeup makes you feel.

You’re a true romantic:


You believe that someone is made for everyone, and if things don't work out great at times, it's okay. As per you, the right person is somewhere there. No matter what happens, you always believe in true love.

You love taking selfies:


Taking pictures means something to you. Hence, you tend to take selfies while others are having serious conversations. You can’t let that perfect angle go to waste.

You don’t care about the haters:


You don't bother much about people who hate you, and trolls don't affect you much either. It is so because you're too busy improving your own life.

You're a bitch when you need to be:


When you want to get things done your way or if you don't agree with someone, you are vocal about it. Your likes and dislikes are clear, and that makes you look like a bitch at times. 

You're extremely passionate:


If you love doing something or strongly believe in something, then you'll work hard towards it. You'll put your best work forward since that's something you are passionate about. People can take away anything from you but not your passion. 

But no matter what, the family is always number one:


No matter what you do or how much you earn, spending enough time with your family and keeping all of them together and happy is something that matters more to you. You can give up on anything but not your family.