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Happy Single's Day 2020: Say Goodbye to Valentine's Day With These Legit Reasons That Scream Why Single Life Is the BEST!

Latestly 2020-02-15 08:30:33

Why Single Life is the best! (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Finally, the whole Valentine's week fiasco has come to an end and I speak on behalf of all the singles when I say this, we haven't felt better. The air is suddenly cleaner because it has no love in it because obviously you just express your love on February 14 only, duh?! You know, it is only when you see couples celebrating such mushy days that you realise how amazing your single life is! You start appreciating your single life way more than before (some also go back home and cry in the corner but anyway!).  But if the taken people wonder what exactly makes the single life so amazing, let us give you one but 7 reasons:

No Obligations

Can't get better than this! You are not obliged to do anything for anyone. Just because your partner planned something, you don't have to do the same. Singles are spared from this unnecessary obligations.

No Food Sharing

This is important. You don't have to share your food with your partner if you are planning to binge-watch Netflix. If there is some leftover, you can put it in the refrigerator and eat it again. All for yourself.

You Save Money

This is a no-brainer. No fancy dates, no expensive gifts. Total win-win. You really save loads of money this way and then buy something nice for yourself!

No Unnecessary Arguments

When you are in a relationship, you cannot dodge arguments and they do stress you out. A simple way of cutting down on the stress is to not have any partner at all.

Nobody is Cheating on You!

I mean why do we under-appreciate this fact so much? When you are single, you are not being cheated on. You don't have to worry about one day getting to know about your partner cheating on you.

You Don't Compromise

Relationships come with compromises that the two of you have to make to work out things between the two of you smoothly. But when you are single, you can do whatever the fu*k you want.

You Can Have Flings

Being in a relationship bars you from having flings or a one-night stand. You really don't have to worry about that when you are single.

There are more than just 7 reasons but on second thoughts both single and taken lives have advantages and disadvantages of their own. You should do what your heart says!