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Chrissy Teigen Got Boob Job Done When She Was 20! Here's How She Got 'Scr*wed' and 'Wants Them Out Now'

Latestly 2020-03-09 11:53:06

Chrissy Teigen Boob job (Photo Credits: Instagram)

There have been hardly any cases where celebs have confessed any kind of enhancement surgeries or cosmetic facelifts, let alone breast enhancement surgeries. But Chrissy Teigen, being the honest person that she spoke about having a boob job when she was younger about 20-years-old. She opened up about the experience in a new interview with Glamour UK and also said how it "screwed" her up and why she wants them out now. Chrissy also shared why she wanted surgery as a young model.  Chrissy Teigen Is 'Currently Sleeping with People's Sexiest Man Alive', John Legend and Is Proud of Having 'Boned' Him! We Can't Even...

Chrissy expressed how when she was twenty-years-old she wanted to get breast implants. She explained: "It was more for a swimsuit thing. I thought if I’m going to be posing, laid on my back, I want them to be perky! But then you have babies and they fill up with milk and deflate and now I am screwed." Chrissy Teigen and Family Get Henna Tattoos but Baby Luna Steals the Show.

"Itsa me! Happy “now you know I got my boobs done when I was 20” day!!!!! Talk about a weight lifted off my chest!!!", she wrote as the caption on her Instagram post leaving no filters. And we're glad she did. She is giving us #RealCeleb goals and we cannot contain her happiness. View Post:

A filterless, Chrissy Teigen revealed the implant size and said that she kept the same cup size but "filled them out" to make them look "rounder and firmer," to Talent Recap. Chrissy explained, "I had a quarter 'teardrop' cup in the bottom and filled out the breast line. But I want them out now."