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Victim commits suicide by hanging herself after 15 days of rape

News Track 2020-03-09 04:25:00

: Another entire country was considered Women's Day. A day after the second and Women's Day, a heart-wrenching case has come to light here. In Karmai village of Sidhi district, the rape victim committed suicide by hanging himself. According to the information, the girl was raped by two youths about 15 days ago. After the information of the incident, the police have arrested both the youths and sent them to jail.

The girl living in Karamai village had attended the fair about 15 days ago where he met Shivmurth Gupta son Tirathprasad Gupta and his associate Rajesh Gupta son Motilal Gupta at the fair. The accused seduced the girl and took her to a deserted place and she was forcibly raped. When the girl reached home after the incident, she informed the family about the whole matter. The family has filed a complaint with the local Majhauli police station. As soon as the incident was known, the police arrested both the accused with urgency and sent them to jail.

All the members of the house had gone out on Saturday afternoon, in the meantime, the girl committed suicide by hanging herself. On returning home, people informed the police about the incident and established a panchnama. According to the family, after being raped by both the youth, the girl was in shock and she was not even talking to anyone during the last 15 days. On Sunday, the post-mortem investigation also revealed that the woman was upset, due to which she committed suicide.