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Why Wellness Guru Amanda Chantal Bacon Still Drinks Her Sex Dust

News Summed Up 2020-03-09 05:30:00

Amanda Chantal Bacon, 36, opened the first location of Moon Juice in Venice, California in 2011. Originally a pressed-juice bar with adaptogenic dusts (supplements made from herbs and mushrooms), Bacon’s company now includes a skin care line and cookbook. Its range of supplements with names like Beauty Dust, Dream Dust and Sex Dust are now also sold at Sephora ($38 for 1.5 ounces). The founder herself went viral in 2015 after her food diary full of esoteric ingredients and hard-to-pronounce health foods was published by Elle. (”I chase [my chi drink] with three quinton shots for mineralization and two Lypo-Sphericl Vitamin...