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Nifty over‑50s need more sex scenes, says Amanda Redman

News Summed Up 2020-03-09 05:30:00

Amanda Redman, 62, said that British television was guilty of ageism over sexFrom the Netflix comedy-drama Sex Education to ITV2’s reality series Love Island, young people’s bedroom antics are well represented on television. Yet viewers could flick between channels all day without finding a convincing portrayal of a physical relationship between older people. The actress Amanda Redman has spoken out against the inequality, claiming that older couples are rarely shown being intimate in television dramas because society still views sex between over-50s as repulsive. The 62-year-old blamed ageist attitudes for the lack of later-life romances on UK television, adding that America had a more enlightened attitude. She cited Madam Secretary, an acclaimed CBS drama about a 50-something university professor who finds herself unexpectedly elevated to the presidency, as an example of how the passion of