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Americans told to avoid FBI Fitness app over location tracking fears

Courier Mail 2020-03-25 06:19:00

The FBI is helping gym rats looking to stay in shape during the coronavirus lockdown by promoting a fitness app — but it requires users to provide their GPS coordinates.

The law enforcement agency urged people in a Monday tweet to “download the FBI’s Physical Fitness Test app to learn proper form for exercises you can do at home like push-ups and sit-ups.” The catch is that the FBI FitTest created in 2018 uses the “phone’s GPS and accelerometer,” which the FBI claims provides the user a “more realistic PFT experience.”

The digital workout tool has been slammed on social media as a sneaky way for the government to extract personal info amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“DO NOT — AND WE CANNOT STRESS THIS NEXT PART ENOUGH — DOWNLOAD THIS APP,” tweeted Fight for the Future yesterday. “I’ll pass on this one,” seconded a Twitter user.