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This country has Asia's largest cannon, which lasted only once in history

News Track 2020-03-25 03:18:00

There has been more than one dangerous war in world history, in which guns and big guns have also been used. Today we are going to tell you about one such cannon which is the biggest cannon in Asia, which is present in India. The most surprising thing in this is that this cannon was mainly designed for war, but it was never used in war. This cannon is known as 'Jaiwan Cannon'. It is kept in the fort of Jaigad located near the Amer Mahal and the most special thing is that it has been present in the fort since then. In the year 1720, Jaisingh II, the administrator of Jaipur Fort, made this cannon specially in Jaigad Fort itself. He built it for the protection of his princely state but it has not been used even once.

The entire length of this cannon to the end is about 31 feet. It is a giant cannon, whose weight is said to be around 50 tons. It is said that the firepower of this cannon is about 30-35 km and once it required about 100 kg of gun powder to fire. This cannon was fired only once and that too during the test. It is said that when the ball was fired from it, it fell about 35 km away from the fort and where it fell, a big pond was formed that pond still exists today, which is filled with water.

It is said that when this cannon was about to be fired, it was kept near the water tank, so that dangerous shock waves emanating from it could be avoided. However, during the firing, many soldiers and an elephant died due to shock waves. Many nearby houses had also collapsed. However, there is no firm evidence that this had happened.