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'I looked like I was possessed' Miley Cyrus recalls about her 2008 Grammy's look

Pinkvilla 2020-03-25 21:15:28

Both the Hollywood divas who are currently practicing social distancing, took some time out to share their go-to makeup routines and a lot more!

When it comes to makeup, Miley Cyrus and Hailey Bieber have polar opposite approaches to it. While Miley is known to overdo everything - from white foundation to dark red, glossy lips, loads of eyeliner and mascara, Hailey's approach is bang opposite. Mrs. Bieber's look is soft, barely-there makeup with her dewy, flawless skin highlighted well. 

The two divas connected over a livestream chat to walk their fans and viewers through their makeup routines. Both, Miley and Hailey shared that they had a tad bit of makeup on before the livestream even began. The two even discussed their different approaches to makeup. 

Miley revealed that her looks are so bold because her inspiration came from RuPaul and Dolly Parton who are known for their bold looks. "I try to overdo everything", she said. 

Hailey on the other hand. revealed that her look is more about a "very natural beat that has a little bit of attitude to it", before demonstrating her nude eyeshadow palette that had a little bit of sparkle but not too intense, nuteral powder blush and glow highlighter to achieve her look. Mrs. Bieber even went on to reveal that her go-to product is (surprise, surprise) highlighter! 

When asked by Hailey about a look she doesn't quite like anymore, Miley went on to talk about her 2008 Grammy's red carpet look. "I looked so insane I had about five pounds of hair," Cyrus recalled about becoming a viral meme because of her thin eyebrows and dark accentuated eyeliner. 

While video chatting with each other, Miley even gave a sneak peek into her makeup room, that was extra as well! The two even spilled beans about how their significant others' - Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber!

"I was just telling Cody about no-makeup makeup and Cody said, 'All you do is lie to me'", Miley revealed about her beau. 

Hailey too, talked about Justin and how he knew about the no-makeup look! "Before we started this, Justin was like, 'You have that no-makeup makeup on and I like it', and I'm like why do you know what that is!"

What are your thoughts on Miley and Hailey's looks? Which do you like better? Comment below and let us know. 

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