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‘Lock these idiots up’: Today host Allison Langdon’s frustration over people flouting tough new restrictions

Courier Mail 2020-03-26 03:23:00

Today host Allison Langdon has delivered a stinging rebuke to Australians recklessly disobeying strict new laws aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus, suggesting that they should all simply be “locked up”.

Strict social distancing measures were upgraded again on Tuesday, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing a raft of new restrictions on everyday life in a bid to slow down the infection rate

“We do have masks and goggles and gloves and hand wash, and they have been deployed to all the commands and we have got more coming now,” he said.

“Those officers that will be attending homes of those more high risk individuals who may be breaching the Health Minister’s powers will certainly be officers trained from our public order riot squad, and they are to have even a higher level of protection.

“Masks are available to officers to use. We know that masks are only one step in relation to that, but we do give plenty of messaging to our police on how to stay healthy.”

Meanwhile, draconian stage two lockdown measures are now in force across the country with NSW, the ACT and Victoria likely to bring in even stronger rules within days.

More than 2400 cases of COVID-19 have now been confirmed across Australia with 1029 in NSW, 466 in Victoria, 443 in Queensland, 205 in Western Australia, 197 in South Australia, 44 in the ACT, 42 in Tasmania and six in the Northern Territory.

Nine people have died – one in WA, seven in NSW and one in Queensland.

Originally published as ‘Lock these idiots up’: Host’s frustration

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