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21 thousand people died of corona worldwide, Here's the condition of most affected countries

News Track 2020-03-26 12:11:00

Washington: Corona has engulfed the world. A total of 4,68,523 people in the world suffer from corona, while 21,192 people have lost their lives.  After China, Corona is wreaking havoc in Europe. Most of the deaths have occurred in Italy and Spain has now become the new center of Corona.

The highest infection of Coronavirus spread from Wuhan is being seen in Italy. According to the news agency PTI, 683 people have died in Italy in the last 24 hours and the death toll from Coronavirus in Italy has reached 7,503. Outside China, the most deaths from coronavirus have occurred in Italy. With this, 5,210 new cases were reported and the number of people caught in the coronavirus has increased to 74 thousand 386. Spain of Europe has become the new center of Corona. In the last 24 hours in Spain, 683 people have died and the total death toll has reached 3,647.

How many deaths from corona in which country of the world: -

Italy 7,503

Spain 3,647

China 3,287

Iran 2,077

France 1,331

America 944

Uk 465

Netherlands 356

Germany 206

South Korea 126