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16th death due to corona in India, number of patients crosses 694, the outcry in this state ...

News Crab 2020-03-26 21:54:28
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The number of people who died of corona in the country has suddenly increased, there have been 16 deaths within 16 days. On Thursday, 1-1 people died in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Kashmir. The first death occurred in Kashmir from Corona, while the second died in Gujarat and the fourth in Maharashtra. So far, 16 people have lost their lives across the country from Corona. The Prime Minister of the country has imposed a 21-day lockdown to prevent the coronavirus.

16th death from Corona in India, number of patients crosses 694

In India, there have been three deaths on Thursday from Corona, in which the first death of a woman in Gujarat. After this, the second death was of a person from Haiderpora in Kashmir, Srinagar, due to which 4 other people have been found infected. While the third death occurred in Maharashtra. India, M16 have died from Corona. While the number of patients has crossed the 632 figure.

There was an outcry in this state ...

There has been an outcry in the country's state of Maharashtra due to the continuous death from Corona. So far, 128 infected cases have been reported in the state. Apart from this, 2 deaths have been reported so far in Gujarat, besides 1-1 deaths in Delhi, Karnataka, West Bengal, Punjab, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Himachal.

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the country, so all stay at home and do not leave without any reason. Follow the instructions of the government fully, only then you can get out of this trouble.

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