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Woolworths chicken: Shopper checks breasts to reveal they’re underweight

The Advertiser 2020-05-21 15:56:00

A man has exposed what he claims is a “scam” after weighing his chicken breasts bought from Woolworths.

The customer posted a video to TikTok of him weighing his Woolies branded chicken breasts, sparking much debate.

The pack was supposed to be 806g but when he weighed the fillets without the packaging they were 756g.

He then weighed the absorbent pad that sits in the package to reveal it weighed 50g – making the total 806g.

“Woolworths have been scamming us for years,” he posted as the caption.

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But people were quick to correct him on the find.

“It’s just water weight,” wrote one man.

“That’s why the moisture pack has exactly the right amount that the chicken doesn’t have … it was 806 when they first packaged.”

Another responded to that comment, “I’m not paying for water. I want chicken, why pump so much water into it in the first place?”

“So we (are) supposed to squeeze the juice out of the moisture pack so we get our moneys (sic) worth?” said another.

One man said that was how you knew the chicken had been frozen.

Others said Woolworths had to disclose the meat had been frozen because then it couldn’t be refrozen.

One woman said she worked at Woolies and confirmed none of the chicken was frozen.

“Arrives fresh. Only meat that is frozen are from seafood which are specified as thawed,” she said.

Another staffer said, “I work at Woolies in the deli and meat and the absorber just soaks up the juice, even in the deli you’d be paying for the juice, it’s just not absorbed”.

Most people said the video was the reason they bought chicken from the deli or at the butcher.

“Point being ... it should be in the chicken … to (sic) much water loading … they are charging us for water,” said another woman.

One commenter concluded the chicken would be very dry if it wasn’t for the juices.

A Woolworths spokesman said the weight of prepacked chicken products was checked multiple times on scales certified for trade use before going on sale.

“Soak pads help maintain product quality in the pack as chicken does naturally lose moisture over time,” he said.

“Along with the tray and film, the soak pad is not included in the total purchase weight.

“If ever our customers are concerned about the weight of a product, we'd encourage them to return it to the store for a replacement or refund where needed.”

Originally published as Man fumes over underweight chicken