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Is home delivery of alcohol really going to start?

News Track 2020-05-21 08:12:00

In the midst of lockdown, customers can now order online liquor from home and within minutes the alcohol will be delivered to your home. Online food delivery platform Swiggy has also started delivery of liquor. Swiggy has just started home delivery service of liquor in Jharkhand from Thursday. In this way, people of Jharkhand can now get their liquor sitting at home. The company also said that its talks with several state governments are in advanced stage to start the home delivery service of liquor.

For the first time after the lockdown is implemented in Jharkhand, liquor shops are open there on Wednesday. Long lines of buyers have been seen outside liquor shops as they open. Long queues have been seen outside shops despite the state government imposing an additional tax of 25% on liquor. Due to this congestion, there is a possibility of breakdown of the physical distance law applicable to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

In its statement, the company said that now the people of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, will be able to ask for liquor sitting at home. For this, they will have to update the Swiggy app and go to its 'wine shops' category. The company said that this service will be operational in other big cities of the state in the coming week. Swiggy said that necessary permission has been obtained from the Government of Jharkhand for this service.