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Anupam Kher shares this motivational video

News Track 2020-05-23 01:11:00

Recently, Anupam Kher shared a video on social media, in which an Indian Army officer is seen cheering on the policemen on duty. You can see the officer handling the situations of Covid-19 praised the work done by the police department. Anupam described this video as the most inspiring video of recent times.

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While sharing this video, Anupam wrote, 'Motivational video: Not only this, we are the best. This is one of the most inspiring videos I watched during the time of Covid 19. In which an officer of the Indian Army is appreciating the work done by our police and home guard soldiers. Listen to his words of appreciation. Jai Hind.' Anupam got this video through WhatsApp, which he himself told. In this video, an Indian Army officer riding in an SUV calls the policemen doing the duty on the road and the Home Guard soldier says, 'For the first time everyone in the world is proud that the Indian Police is doing such a good job. Do you feel good or not? For the first time, the army is proud of you, that the police of our country is doing such a good job and our soldiers have said that all the policemen should be feed with sweets. So this is a little gift from our side.

The officer said- We are very proud of you, further, giving the reason for this, he said, 'Because in the entire Covid season when everybody was roaming in such tension, you are the only army who is doing his job perfectly. You stopped population control, traffic control, crime. We are very proud of you son. Also tell your Outpost Incharge. Thank you from our side, Ram-Ram and many more prayers to you. Homeguards are also engaged with you. See what a great job Stay like this, son and this is from the soldiers of the Indian army, they have made it. Thank you Jai Hind.