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Tobacco farmers stage protest for reasonable prices at Nellore

Hans India 2020-05-23 14:32:54
Tobacco farmers protesting on the Mumbai national highway at DC Palli in Nellore on Saturday

Nellore: Tobacco farmers staged a protest on the Mumbai National Highway at DC Palli in Marripadu Mandal on Saturday demanding support price for the tobacco. Even though the Tobacco Board resumed auctions in DC Palli Centre from May 11 farmers have been expressing dissatisfaction over low prices.

They informed the Tobacco Board Chairman Yadlapati Raghunatha Babu a couple of days ago on their plight requesting from the Board and Government for reasonable prices for the stocks. In fact, due to lockdown, the auction has stopped from March 20 and resumed on May 11. Still, few buyers are coming forward to purchase stocks offering normal prices even for superior grade tobacco.

Farmers dumped some tobacco bales on the highway and burnt down demanding reasonable prices shouting slogans against the Board. They demanded the State Government has to involve in the issue for the benefit of farmers who would be losing huge money due to poor prices. They interrupted vehicle movement on the highway for some time.

On the directions of the Minister for Industries and IT Mekapati Goutham Reddy, OSD Kosuru Chennaiah rushed to the spot and discussed with the farmers and officials of the Tobacco Auction Centre. Finally, Tobacco Board officials assured the farmers for reasonable prices and they stopped the agitation.