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Fruit seller used to keep Sunil Lahri's picture at his cart

News Track 2020-05-23 02:47:00

The cast of Ramayana had participated in the stage of e-literature. Everyone knows that the Ramayana serial was telecasted lockdown and the serial broke all the records.  Arun Govil, Sunil Lahiri and Deepika Chikhlia's fan following increased, apart from this, Sunil Lahiri asked if his life was normal after working in the Ramayana. What was it like to move forward in personal life with that image of God? Responding to this, Sunil said that "In the beginning, there was definitely a little unconfirmed.

But gradually we got moulded. I remember an anecdote that a fruit cart placed near the place where I lived in Mumbai. He had a photo of me. He used to tell people that Lakshman take fruits from here and by eating these fruits, he is in such good health. He said- "I used to live next to Dara Ji. Many people used to come to meet Dara Ji.

His fan following was strong. When people came to know that I too live there, then I would have got a lot of benefit of Daraji's fan following. People also used to come to meet me and take autographs."Recalling an incident outside Bombay, Sunil said that "At one time, five thousand people had gathered to see him. I was in Chetan Anand ji's car. It was difficult to get out of that place. The car also suffered a lot of damage. ''