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Haircare: THIS 3 ingredient overnight hair mask is all you need to get luscious locks; SEE VIDEO

Pinkvilla 2020-05-23 16:48:25

With all the time in our hands, here’s an easy DIY hair mask that will deep condition your hair and make it shinier and moisturised. Check it out

We are all stuck in our houses with not much to do. So, the best way to get through the long days and even longer nights is to utilise this time and indulging in a bit of self-care. Coming to your rescue, we have a few DIY skincare and haircare projects planned out for you. While doing so, we have obviously considered the problem of a lack of ingredients or products in your house. Case in point, these DIYs are effortless and the ingredients can be substituted with a variety of other products available. 

So, to keep your weekend sorted, here we have a 3-ingredient overnight hair mask that will condition your hair and leave it looking shiny. Here are all the ingredients you need to make the hair mask. As an added bonus, we’ve also explained all the benefits!

Curry Leaves

Easily available and also known as Kadi Patta in Hindi, curry leaves are a rich source of beta-carotene and proteins. It is what reduces hair fall and increases hair growth. The leaves also contain amino-acids that strengthen the hair follicle while also moisturising the strands. Not just that, curry leaves also improves the health of dead hair follicles caused by dandruff. 


As we said, this is a DIY with ingredients that can be used depending on what is available at home. You can use any one type of oil or all. I personally chose to go for a mixture of almond oil and olive oil but you can even use coconut if you feel like. 

Almond oil: 

It gives the hair much-needed hydration and makes them feel soft, shiny and supple. It not only moisturises the hair but also the scalp. 

Olive Oil: 

Another great oil that moisturises well is olive oil. The fatty acids in the oil help in nourishing the scalp while also dealing with bacterial infections. An olive oil massage increases the blood circulation to the scalp and hence promotes hair growth. 

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil promotes the scalp health fighting against such problems as insect bites, lice and dandruff. It also prevents breakage of hair and split ends. 

Vitamin E:

Easily available in any medical shops for merely INR 25, these capsules are filled with Vitamin E oil that works wonders for your hair. You can use two or three of those depending upon your hair length. It deals with problems like hair thinning and hair breakage. It also works well to deal with problematic dry and frizzy hair. 


- Heat oil and a few curry leaves in a pan. Do not let it heat to a point that the leaves start turning black. 

- Leave it aside and let the oil cool down for a bit. 

- Once warm enough to touch, strain out all the leaves and you’ll be left with the oil. 

- Squeeze out 2-3 vitamin E capsules and give it all a stir.

- Apply it to your scalp and hair and leave it overnight.

- Shampoo and condition like you’d normally do. 

You can try out this home remedy and thank us later. 


Let us know in the comments section what you’d like to know next?

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