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India lags behind Nepal and Pakistan in mobile broadband speed

News Track 2020-05-23 06:09:00

Telecom companies in India may make big claims about their internet speed, but the truth is that India's position in mobile broadband speed is worse than Pakistan and Nepal. India has slipped three places to 132nd in mobile broadband speed. April 2020 data from the Okla Speed Test show that mobile broadband has an average downloading speed of 9.81Mbps and average upload speed of 3.98Mbps in India.

Ookla makes a list of about 139 countries on mobile broadband speed every month. Millions of data are collected before making the list. In April 2020, Ukala released a list of 139 countries on mobile broadband speed, in which India ranks 132. According to the report, the average downloading speed of mobile broadband worldwide in April was 30.89Mbps and uploading speed is 10.50Mbps.

According to the new report, South Korea ranks first with a maximum speed of 88.01Mbps in terms of mobile broadband, while Qatar, China, UAE and Netherlands are on the top four countries in the list. Pakistan ranks 112th in average mobile broadband speed. Found, Nepal is at number 111. India's neighboring country Sri Lanka is also ranked 115 and Bangladesh is at 130, while India is ranked 132.