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KTM and Husqvarna - How long is the wait?

Motoroctane 2020-05-23 19:00:41

There is always a big concern while buying a premium bike which is, of course, the waiting period. Some of the premium bikes have a waiting period of more than half a year which very hectic some times. However, if you are buying a premium bike which is made in India such as KTM and Husqvarna, then you will surely have the benefit of a lesser waiting period. But what about the pandemic situation going on now? Will the waiting period increase? Well, continue reading the blog and you will surely get all the answer.

Usually, KTM and Husqvarna have a very less waiting period. If the bike with the required colour is available at the dealer then you buy it very instantly. If it’s not available then it might take some days or a week or two but that’s no too long. But now there is a COVID-19 situation across the country so things will vary. So the waiting period will vary between 45 days to three months depending on the model.

KTM and Husqvarna

The KTM 200 Duke and RC 200 are expected to have a waiting period of 45 days. While the 250 Duke, 390 Duke, 390 Adventure and RC 390 have expected wait period of about two months. The big loss has been caused for Husqvarna as it is a new brand for India. The waiting period of the Husqvarna bikes is said to be more than KTM bikes. The cafe racer styled Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 has good demand so it will be having a waiting period of 45 days while the scrambler type Svartpilen 250 will have a waiting period of approximately three months.

What’s the reason

Bajaj, as well as all other auto manufacturers, have been under shutdown for almost two months which has caused a big backlog for the manufacturer. Bajaj is currently the biggest two-wheeler exporter in the country. So to handle both export needs as well as home countries demand it will certainly take the time. Even now the companies are not working at full strength. Government of India has not allowed manufacturers to run on full strength. We can say that manufacturers are only 30-35 percent of their full strength.

Nevertheless, we believe that health is a pretty important thing than a motorcycle. So the wait of three months is pretty small-time and that should not be the problem. After everything goes back to normal, KTM is expected to bring many bikes in the near future such as 490 Adventure, 790 Adventure and more. On the other hand, Husqvarna will bring bigger husky such as Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 401.