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Yuvraj Singh's comeback: Why nothing is impossible for him?

sportzwiki 2020-06-03 21:48:01

In pages covering the feelings after the third chemo cycle in The Test of My Life, I read the words “Fight Yuvi it said. Fight. This is what you do. You know how to fight.” The man has listened to the voice, fought the mental demons, physical illness and fought to make it back to where he belongs- Representing India and adding pride to the tricolour.

‘Your son is not made for cricket. He shows no promise’. Said Navjot Singh Sidhu to Yuvraj Singh’s dad after watching him play few shots and miss few in the local Cricket Club. Yuvraj Singh was naturally gifted with the genes for sports and he never really had the passion for the gentleman’s game like the one he had for his childhood love Skating.

The dream of his dad and the will to stay away from home (away from the fights between his parents) got him going. “Apna basta utha aur ghar chal. Ab Mein dekhta hoon ki tu cricket kasie nahil khelta.” (Pack Your Stuff, we are going home. I’ll see how you don’t play cricket.) said his father that day.
And now we see a man who has won the cricket breathing nation a T20 World cup and a world cup that eluded the Indian team for 18 years. The courage in him to fight anything that comes in his way, the dedication he has for the game and the hard work he puts in is infinite.

As a cricketer, Yuvraj Singh has the ability to whack the ball out of the park in his own will, consolidate the innings when needed which makes him the complete batsman. The ability to slow down the proceedings and providing breakthroughs make him a more than handy bowler. Alongside his all-rounder abilities, the character he shows on and off the field and the selflessness makes him a Complete Cricketer.
The left handed batsman is a treat to watch when he is on song. He never lets the pressure of the scoreboard mount on him. He settles in and then attacks the right bowler at the right moment like a tiger pouncing on its prey.

Look forward to wear the new Indian Jersey tonight ! Good luck boys☝️

— yuvraj singh (@YUVSTRONG12) October 10, 2013

Yuvraj Singh is a determined cricketer. When he made into the national side for the first time after cancer, he didn’t like people saying he got the spot because of the sympathy when he earned that through hard work. Months ago, when he was dropped from the team owing to poor form [In IPL], he knew what he had to do. Working on his fitness in France, proving himself again in the India ‘A’ team, he demanded a spot in the Indian squad. Making yet another comeback, he walked in when the stakes were equal in the lone T20 vs. Australia on Thursday. He was fearless, and the risks he took paid off every time, after scoring 77* and guiding the team to victory, he dedicated his man of the match award to his Mom and Sachin Tendulkar.

From the Under 19 World cup back in 2000, when he made 203 runs at an average of 33.83 to the recently concluded Challenger Series where he made 113 runs from two innings, he has been the synonym of success in limited overs cricket despite the occasional slumps. The batsman has made mark in his career with his fight back over cancer, the lords’ innings, the shortest T20 Fifty and of course his world cup performances but somewhere in his mind, the hunger for success will be still there. Success in the whites, that is soon to follow his shadow.

All the best, Yuvi paaji! Nothing is Impossible for you.