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COVID-19 India: Man thrashes peer for asking him to wear mask

Gulf News 2020-06-30 12:57:09

Andhra Pradesh: A man employed by a hotel in Andhra Pradesh has been caught on camera beating a woman colleague after she reportedly urged him to wear a mask on June 27.

As the global coronavirus pandemic spreads and claims more victims across the world, the use of measures such as wearing a mask and keeping physical distance have become the norm.

However, there will always be rule flouters.

In India – where the COVID-19 infection rate has officially crossed 567,000 - an incident underscored the volatility of the situation.

In an incident captured on video, a man who is employed in Nellore by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department is seen walking up to a woman colleague and beating her up. When an older gent steps up to stop him, he is pushed down as the thrashing continues with a stick.

Another lady colleague is seen in the clip looking horrified, but quickly walking away. Finally, two men intervene and bodily remove the perpetrator.

A case has allegedly been filed against the man.