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Map shows pay gap in each state

Fast Co.Exist 2020-06-30 13:23:11
[Photo: Zippia]

The wage gap is usually framed by gender. But this new analysis by Zippia shows just how wide the pay disparities are between white Americans and people of color.

For example, Washington, D.C., has the largest pay gap between Black and white workers. According to the data, Black workers earn a median income that is $41,373 less than their white counterparts. That breaks out to 54¢ for every dollar a white worker earns. Wyoming has the smallest gap among the other states.

To conduct its pay analysis in each state, Zippia used data from the Census Bureau’s most recent American Community Survey. The average income was calculated using Census Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMs) for each occupation by race for full-time workers age 25-65 of the following races: Alaskan, two or more, Asian, white, African American, Hispanic, American Indian, and Hawaiian.

You can see where each state ranks in the below map.

[Photo: Zippia]The rankings go from those states with largest wage gap between races to the smallest (which is why Wyoming ranks No. 51). For the full interactive version of the map, check it out on Zippia’s website.