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A new mask allows people to drink without taking it off or exposing their mouth

News Summed Up 2020-07-21 05:30:00

But covering your nose and mouth in this summer heat isn't easy, especially when it means you can't take a drink of water -- or anything else. That's led one company to launch the Redee mask, which allows customers to sip on their drinks without risking their safety. The mask, sold by Redee Patch, uses a flap at the base of the mask for people to safely insert a straw without exposing their mouths. "Our goal is to help people safely drink with their masks on and slow the spread," Redee founder Ryan Lee told CNN. The idea to design a mask that makes drinking possible while covering the mouth came from a desire to help essential workers -- such as baristas, waitresses, cashiers and flight attendants -- who have to work long hours while wearing a mask that makes drinking impossible, according to Lee.