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1.47 lakh students are giving Karnataka CET exam amid corona pandemic, 60 infected students will also be included

News Track 2020-07-31 12:26:00

Karnataka, about 1.47 lakh students, including sixty students infected with Corona infection, are going to give the Common Entrance Test (CET) which started on Thursday. State Deputy CM Dr. CN Ashwath Narayan gave this information. On the lines of SSLC Exam and Universities Pre-Examination conducted by the Public Instruction Department, the Government of Karnataka had decided to conduct the General Entrance Examination for the PUC student.

In Karnataka, two days of exams have been conducted on Thursday and Friday at 497 centers. Deputy CMCN Ashwattha and Higher Education Minister Narayan gave this information after visiting some examination centers. He said that out of these 1.94 lakh students registered for these exams, 1.47 lakh candidates took part.

Out of these 40,200 students taking examinations at 83 centers in Bengaluru are also included. The CM said that out of the sixty students infected with Corona infection who are taking exams, twelve students from Bengaluru are involved. The Deputy CM said, "Adequate management has been done for the students who are infected with the corona infection which gives exams. He was brought to the examination center from the ambulance of the department and after the examination, he was left back at his respective places. Separate arrangements were made for the seating of these students.