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Aircraft fuel became three percent costlier, there is no change in the price of LPG cylinders; Learn diesel, petrol prices

The India Print 2020-08-01 22:49:48

New Delhi. Oil companies increased the price of aircraft fuel by three percent on Saturday. This is the fifth consecutive increase in the price of aircraft turbine fuel in two months. The prices of diesel, petrol and rosin gas remain at previous levels. According to a price review notification issued by the state oil companies on Saturday, the price of aircraft fuel in Delhi has been increased by Rs 1304.25 per thousand liters or by three per cent to Rs 43,932.53 per fort liter. Last time on July 16, the price of aircraft fuel was increased by 1.5 percent (Rs 635.47 per thousand liters).

In the last four times price review, the price of aircraft fuel was increased by Rs 22,483.91 per thousand liters total. In Delhi, the price of petrol is stable at Rs 80.43 per liter for a month and diesel is at Rs 73.56 per liter. Petrol before this between June 7 to June 29, it was combined with a total cost of Rs 9.17 and diesel was expensive by Rs 12.15 from June 7. The cooking gas rate has not increased since July 1. On July 1, the non-subsidized 14.2 kg gas cylinder was raised by one rupee to Rs 594 in Delhi. LPG reached Rs 858.50 per cylinder in February. Customers get subsidy on 12 cylinders a year. Petrol and diesel prices are reviewed daily and aircraft fuel is reviewed on a fortnightly basis.