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Disha Salian's father files written complaint alleging the stories about her rape & murder are all cooked

Pinkvilla 2020-08-06 01:11:37

Disha Salian's father has written a letter to Mumbai Police stating that the recent stories related to her are all cooked up. He has also requested the concerned authorities to take action against the concerned persons.

Written By Pinkvilla Desk 21666 reads Mumbai Published: August 5, 2020 11:42 pm

Celebrity manager Disha Salian passed away on 8th June 2020. Now, various speculations have been rife about Disha’s connection with Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.  However, her father Satish Salian has recently written to the ACP of Malvani Police, Mumbai stating that all these stories are cooked up. He has quashed the reports about his daughter being raped and murdered. He also denies her involvement with any politician or attending the parties with bigwigs of the film fraternity.

The deceased celebrity manager’s father has also urged the police to take strict action against the concerned journalists. The subject line of this letter is, “Mental harassment and consequent victimization of my family and deceased daughter Disha Salian by journalists and media people.” Given below is a complete version of the letter sent by Disha’s father to Mumbai Police.

Read the letter below:

Sir, I am writing this to you as my family has been continuously harassed by journalists and media people in relation to the death of my daughter Disha Salian. In light of the above unfortunate incident and circumstances, I had already submitted a written complaint in Malvani Police Station & ACP's office vide letter dated: 13/07/2020 against derogatory posts and forwards being shared by the listed people in the said letter, leading to defamation of my deceased daughter and my family."

"In addition to the said letter, I would like to bring to your attention, the atrocities of journalists and media people on my family."

"The media people come unannounced at my house hiding their original brand in the name of interviews regarding the death of my daughter. They are providing the media with misleading news which are not only creating hindrance to the actual inquiry being conducted, but it's also taking a toll on my family."

"We are being harassed by these people by repeatedly questioning our faith in Mumbai Police and their way of inquiries are conducted. We have already given our statement to the police that we do not suspect anyone of foul play."

"News about her involvement with any politician or attending parties with big names of film fraternity, rape, murder are all the stories cooked by these media people just to sell it to channels. These stories hold no truth. These are misleading the people and tarnishing my daughter's reputation and my family's reputation. These fake news are taking a huge toll on my family's health and we are being victimized by the media. We are completely satisfied with the investigations being conducted by Mumbai Police and have faith in them."

"Through this letter. I would request you to take reasonable action against the concerned journalists, influencers, politicians and media for their insensitive act towards us.”

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