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Meet Indigo, A 17-Year-Old Cat With A Cute Curly Coat (13 Pics)

Bored Panda 2020-08-17 21:19:30

17 years ago, Hannah Ramswick-Fuller and her family visited their next-door neighbors to play with their new kittens. However, they weren’t the only guests. There also was a few-months-old cat who stopped by to do just the same. He wasn’t a part of the litter or anything, the stray simply enjoyed the company.

The little furball immediately befriended Hannah and the others. “He would jump on our laps and purr,” Hannah told Bored Panda. “Luckily, our neighbors had so many cats that they offered to let us adopt him, which we promptly did! Additionally, at the time he had quite a vibrant and dark grey coat, and so we decided to name him Indigo.”

Indigo is still living with his humans to this day, and even though he looks like he’s still not impressed with them, he really adores his family and pretty much everyone else.

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Indigo is a very social cat. “In spite of his rather cranky and striking looks, he is very cuddly and loves his people,” Hannah said. “He is a big lap cat and likes to wake us up by pawing on our faces in the morning so he can get pets. He is a bit of a prince in that regard.”

The family also has another cat and a dog, both of whom Indigo gets along with quite well. So long as they don’t try to interrupt his petting time, of course.

“He doesn’t meow a ton, but when he does, it comes out quietly, and my mom often jokes that he and his brother have ‘broken squeakers,'” Hannah said, adding that Indigo also loves the outdoors and meeting new friends.

In fact, some of the neighbors even woke up with the curly adventurer in their beds at night on multiple occasions. “Luckily, they have all taken to him well, and we’ve gotten him back in the morning each time,” Hannah said.

On July 27, Hannah posted a few pics of the feline in a now-viral Twitter thread, and Indigo has been getting a significant amount of attention online. “Due to his newfound small internet fame, I surprised him with a few new cat toys,” she said.

“He has now taken to waking everyone up at six am by loudly playing with his favorite bat on a string and promptly falling asleep on it as soon as we get up.”

“While Indigo does have an admittedly odd appearance, he has enjoyed a relatively healthy and long life,” Hannah said.

Currently, the kitty has kidney disease, but his vet has told Indigo’s owners that this is quite normal for his age.

“He is now on a diet (which he very much does not like) and medicine to help him gain weight as he only weighs six and a half pounds,” Hannah explained. “In terms of the eye goop, he seems to always be a bit sniffly, but the vet has never indicated that there is anything out of the ordinary, so I assume it is a result of his rather smooshed face.”

Hannah said she makes sure to wet down a piece of toilet paper in order to soften it and be able to wipe it away more easily whenever she notices it.

People absolutely adored meeting Indigo online

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