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Hey Pandas, What Is The Weirdest Thing You Own?

Bored Panda 2020-08-18 19:50:54

Almost all of us have some weird items in our home that are kinda strange or unusual. Maybe it's an old relic given to us by our family, something we found at a thrift store or an item that just caught our eye in a shop.

Share the weirdest item you own and tell us the story behind it! Don't forget to like and comment on your favorite weird things.

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We Call It "The Hand Of Midnight" And I Have No Idea Where The Die Comes From.


A Collection Of Items Dug Out Of The Yard Of My 1850 House


A Statue Of Cthulhu On The Loo I Printed For A Friend :) This Sits On His Desk At Work!

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