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This 1875 Sheriff's Family House In Missouri Is On Sale For $350k And It Comes With Its Own 9-Cell Jail

Bored Panda 2020-08-18 19:59:19

Lately, rather interesting entries have been popping up on the real estate market. Various unorthodox entries like this mini castle that’s fit for a full family to live in have been on sale for several years now.

One of the most recent bits of architecture that people can now get their hands on is this two-story home in Fayette City, Missouri with a fully furnished and ready-to-use jail. Yes, a legit nine-cell jail, to be precise.

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There’s a number of bizarre houses on the real estate market nowadays, and this one is no exception

So, someone on the Facebook group Labcoat Agents, a business-oriented group for real estate industry experts and specialists, has recently posted a listing for a house found at 203 E Morrison, Fayette, Missouri. From the outside, the house looks like a typical 2-story building for a single family to live in.

It’s an ordinary 2,465-square-foot (229-square-meter) house on a nearly 6,100-square-foot (566-square-meter) lot that comes with pretty much what you’d expect from a house of such caliber: two bedrooms, one full and one half bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, an upstairs area with more space. And that’s where the regularity ends.

Apart from the usual features you get with a house, this one also comes with a jail in the basement

Right beyond the kitchen, there’s a door leading to a drastically different area of the house—a jail. The listing on House of Brokers Realty says that the house includes 9 whole jail cells with a booking room and a half bath. The description also states “possibilities are amazing with this property,” which can mean a lot of things in a house with a jail in it.

Sure enough, the photos show an actual jail. It includes everything from the barred doors and windows to metal bunk beds and out in the open toilets. The only immediately noticeable difference is that this jail is significantly cleaner than the ones seen in actual police stations.

The single family house has a legit 9-cell jail with barred doors, windows, and locking mechanisms

The authenticity doesn’t stop here as most barred doors have little window areas where the warden would pass food through to the prisoners. Nearly every door and window has a lock on them. There are even doors with older style rotating knobs and pin holes for locks.

Each cell seems to be designed to house multiple criminals as there are several different sets of metallic bunk beds. Each cell also comes with a toilet at the very least and some even include a shower, whether an enclosed or open one.

It was built in 1875 as the town sheriff’s home that doubled as a place to house criminals

Now, why is there a jail in this perfectly typical residential home, you ask? It is said that back in 1875 when the house was built, it was the Howard County Sheriff’s House and Jail, designed to function as the town jail as well as the place where the sheriff lived—similarly like firemen also have accommodations in fire stations.

Apart from the usual, i.e. kitchen, living room, etc., and not so usual, i.e. jail, aspects of the house, the ad also mentions that it comes with an electric fireplace in the living room, geothermal cooling and forced-air heating, dual zone control HVAC, programmable thermostat, smoke detectors, and other useful features. The house underwent extensive renovations in 2005.

Each cell is designed to house multiple criminals and some even have their own showers

Now, if you’re looking into investing in some historic real estate, the house is currently going for $350,000, which is much less than what you’d have to pay for the mini castle we’ve mentioned previously. Even if you don’t end up using the jail space for correctional purposes, it may very easily be repurposed into a cool jail-themed Airbnb. Remember, “possibilities are amazing with this property.”

At the moment, the 2,465-square-foot house is being sold for $350,000

What are your thoughts on this? Would you want a house that has a jail in it, or would you rather swap it out for something else that’s a bit bizarre nowadays? Let us know in the comments section below!

The historic house underwent extensive renovations back in 2005

Here’s what the upper part (living space) of the house looks like

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