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Trying to kidnap WWE female star, 'Sirfira Ashiq' enters the house at night

The India Print 2020-08-18 22:03:36

New Delhi: A fan sneaked into his house last night to kidnap WWE female star Sonya Devil. However, the fan failed in his attempt. The police also arrested him. During investigation, it was found that the said Kidnapper had been planning Kidnapping for about 8 months. He likes Sonya Devil very much. According to California police, the man of the Loots' flute entered Sonya's house at midnight. However, the alarm sounded as soon as the glass slides inside. People caught him when he heard the sound.

However, the California police has not yet named the man. But it is being told that the said accused appears to be a mental patient. He was madly in love with Sonya Devil. Sonya has also been a player of Mixed Martial Arts. She has won two out of three matches while losing in one.  

Let me tell you that Sonya Devil is the first female wrestler to openly declare her homosexuality in WWE history. She is currently working on the Total Diva Show. She is known for her closeness with her partner Mandy Rose.