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Becca Kufrin is spotted without her engagement ring, focuses on raising money instead of Garrett Yrigoyen

Monstersand Critics 2020-08-18 20:07:19

Becca Kufrin hasn’t confirmed that she and her fiance Garrett Yrigoyen have split.

There have been plenty of reports online about their relationship recently claiming that they had split up because of their differing views on the Black Lives Matter movement.

While Garrett opposed Black Lives Matter and publicly stated that “All Lives Matter,” Becca was a strong supporter of BLM.

It didn’t help that Becca’s podcast co-host Rachel Lindsay was vocal about her dislike for Garrett.

Over the past few weeks, sources have come forward with claims that Becca and Garrett have ended their engagement. While Becca hasn’t confirmed the news, she did just show off her hand without her engagement ring.

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This week, Becca posted a photo of herself eating a slice of pizza to her Instagram profile. She’s currently staying with her mom in Minnesota, while Garrett is in Nevada in the wilderness.

While she looks happy in the photo, fans were quick to point out that Becca wasn’t wearing her engagement ring.

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“No ring,” two followers wrote on the photo.

Becca didn’t make a big deal about it or address the comments. She simply shared an additional photo of her having pizza with someone else.

Yesterday, we guessed that Becca and Garrett might be on a break, which could be why Becca hasn’t addressed the supposed split.

Becca has confused fans with her statements and chose not to confirm whether she had split with Garrett. Her only comment about an article claiming the two had split was to correct the article’s spelling. Her comments had some fans wondering whether she and Garrett were just taking a break.

As for Garrett, he has been active on social media posting photos from his trip around Nevada. He recently got support from his fans over his alleged split with Becca with some saying he was better off without her.

Garrett hasn’t addressed the split rumors at all. One can imagine that they are both keeping quiet at the moment because they are trying to keep the split private and want to see how things unfold over the next couple of weeks. Becca hasn’t said anything about when she’s returning home.

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