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Hannah Ferrier reflects on final season of Below Deck Med

Monstersand Critics 2020-08-20 00:28:54

Hannah Ferrier is reflecting on her final season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Now that Hannah’s last episode has aired and the drama played out onscreen, she is opening up about the life-changing season.

The former chief stew announced before the Season 5 premiere that the current season would be last. Reports began to surface after Hannah’s announcement that she was fired. It turns out she was fired but that she is also done with reality television.

Life for Hannah has changed drastically since filming ended last fall. However, what fans didn’t know was Hannah was ready for a new chapter in her life even before she signed on for Below Deck Med Season 5.

Hannah admitted to Decider that she was in a different place this season. She was in a healthy relationship with her boyfriend Josh, and they were planning a future together.

“To me, this season, I was very different to the seasons beforehand,” she said. “My life is very different now. I think I’m very different when I’m single, and when I’m in a relationship. I wasn’t going out and drinking a lot. You see the whole season. There’s not one scene of me getting drunk because I wasn’t getting drunk! And that’s not because of anything that Josh says. It’s just for me.

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Going into Season 5, Hannah knew she was done with yachting but wasn’t sure what was next. The indecisiveness is one reason she signed on for another season. She had hoped to simply do her job, make some good money, and go back home.

Hannah’s new mindset is also a reason she became so close to chef Kiko. When he was fired, it deeply affected Hannah. He was the one person keeping her sane. She reveals it was devastating to watch what happened to Kiko as it went down and played out onscreen.

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The soon to be mama admits there was too much drama on this season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Along with Kiko being fired, there was the whole Lara Flumiani debacle and trauma. Plus, Captain Sandy Yawn continuously harping on Hannah about her head not being in the game.

Looking back on the season, Hannah admits there are things she would have done differently. One is, of course, declaring the drugs. Two is maybe not doing the season at all.

“If I knew it was going to turn out like this, I probably just wouldn’t have done the season,” Hannah expressed.

As her firing finally played out onscreen, Hannah Ferrier is reflecting back on her final season. However, what she is really looking forward to is her future.

She and Josh are expecting a daughter in October. Hannah is also launching a new podcast and yachting school.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.